Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Irony

There are always those moments on the job that make you step back and say, "Huh. How about that," and then continue scraping the petrified cheese off the quesadilla machine. Recently, our humble "restaurant" was visited by some local german soldiers. I finished up the order and called out the number, and, to my bemusement, they looked around at the other customers, then grunted and showed me their receipt, which matched the order. The irony? Three german soldiers at an american store that sells mexican food. The germans don't speak english, the english (americans, that is. Still with me?) dont speak spanish (mexican, hang in there...), and the mexican food then completes the circle by being eaten by the germans. That's the circle of taco life in full swing...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Working on leaving the living...irrelevent

I have now amassed 27 hours of quality taco bell work since last thurs! Now I will surely have enough to buy that kazoo amp I've been salivating over...

"Give It Wings"

Yes! Finally, I'm wrapping them there tacos and calling the numbers. I am the most powerful man alive! There are many things to keep in mind: what goes on a crunchwrap? Well, that's a secret; if I told you, I'd have to kill your curiosity. Also, when folding taco shaped foods (like tacos and chalupas), make you sure you give that bitch wings. My seldom posting colleagues know what I'm talking about, right guys? Another employee bit the dust, and our taco team has now become a rag tag bunch of vagabonds...a.k.a. a smaller staff. I heard from a co-worker that since the started (3 months ago) there have been "at least 10 people to join and then quit." I think I'm in there for the long haul, especially if my rock band doesnt get a gig and record deal soon (only kidding, folks. It's a ska band (only kidding, folks)).

Monday, December 05, 2005

Taco Bell.....And After Three Rounds...

I worked a total of 13.5 hours over the weekend at Taco Bell, and 13.35 hours of that was spent doing dishes and making chalupas/chips/salad bowl things. HOWEVER I was entrusted with about 5 minutes of register time when business got slow; then out of NOWHERE a line formed and after trying to work that daggum rejster, the manager said "you're done kid," and I handed her the ball and walked off the mound, and sulked back into the dugout. Tomorrow: 1600-2230, the longest one yet. Let's hope slothy cleans them dirty dishy and make em shiny!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Ah yes, the first day...

Today was my introduction to the taco bell work force. However, the introduction didn't encompass very much: I was doing dishes and making nachos and chalupas, which is what the trainees always start out with, from what I hear. However, since I worked the friday night 1800-2230 shift, I was BLESSED to learn about the pre-closing end eventually closing procedure: get that grease off things, finish the dishes and squeegee that floor. It's much more complicated than that, and you have to memorize what needs to be done, but today i mostly did what i was told...BIATCH! All in all the shift was very easy if you don't mind sticking your hands into boiling water or a nice murky pan of spicy chicken dish, although the time will soon come that i'm sliding tacos down the line... Hopefully that just makes time seem to go by faster. I go to bed tonight certain that i'll dream about dancing chalupas and bean dip, but that's the price you pay to work at taco bell.