Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Taco Bell Blog's Sister site

Well I have talked Taco Bell employee Kyle to start himself a blog.He will talk about whatever is on his mind, even some work. So Kyle here is your link I promised you.
Anime. See you at Taco Bell soon.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm Learning The Deposits Tonight

Well, my first day as a Taco Bell shift manager in charge, also known as the MIC, was suppose to be on Tuesday. But, Natalie, the other shift manager said go ahead run the shift tonight. Well, so for the last 2 nights I have been the MIC. There is another Taco Bell shift manager who use to work that was there when I came in. She seems cool. But, Taco Bell shift manager Natalie has a problem with it. But, she has a problem with about anything and everyone there. She drives me nuts some nights. I like her as a person, but man she just always has something to complain about. She was barking about putting her 2 week notice in tonight. I don't see her being there past the summer. Either she will quit or probably be fired. I dont know which will come first. Now onto the next subject. We are one manager short. We were 2 and i got the first spot, so its narrowed down between 2 employees. One is Taco Bell employee Danyelle and the other is Taco Bell employee Christine. I actually don't have a opinion on who becomes a shift manager. I think that Evon our new Taco Bell General Manager may lean towards Christine, but I'm not sure. If Evon promotes Danyelle, Taco Bell employee David said he will put his 2 week notice in. They don't get along...lol. David is also dating Taco Bell shift manager Natalie. This could get real interesting in the next few weeks. I might go in at 6 a.m. to help Tom with all the morning stuff. I'm bored and he has a hell of a lot of backups.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

My First Shift As A Taco Bell Manager In Charge

I will be getting my first (MIC) shift on Tuesday. I think I will have it all down by then. Thankfully Taco Bell shift manager Natalie will be there until 10pm. So, if I have any questions, she will be there to help. Now speaking of Taco Bell shift manager Natalie. There are some things she needs to do. She is getting way out of control on her complaining. Some manager from another store is coming up here, and like the girl hasnt even transfered here yet and Natalie's already complaining about it. Saying she is going to quit. I'm like Natalie,that attitude is the reason why you probably are going to lose the assistant manager position. Every shift she complains and moans about something that is totally stupid. Like who cares if some managers coming to the store. Why complain? She talks about the new manager as going to be drama, I was thinking you're starting drama about her and SHE ISN'T EVEN HERE YET! Hopefully things will calm down at my Taco Bell soon.

New Taco General Manager (Evon)

It has been confirmed by many people at work yesterday, our Taco Bell General Manager Jim will be moving to a new store next Saturday. So, they have promoted Taco Bell shift manager Evon to the stores General Manager. Congratulations to Evon. Now that I am in management, I will be distancing myself more from the drama. Just so you know Evon, I am happy for you, and if you need something, I totally respect you as my boss. I hope Natalie will too. Well anyway, I am here for you,when you need me.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Taco Bell Employee Michael

Well, I talked to my Taco Bell General Manager Jim, and talked him into hiring Michael. He hired Michael really without an interview, on my word he would be a good employee. I trained Michael on how to do backups his first day. Jim said he wants him trained on that before being trained on a cash register. Jim told me I'm the best backup person they have, so he wanted me to train him on that. I think he will have Taco Bell employee David train him on the cash register. Taco Bell shift manager Natalie will be leaving the closing shifts and going to days, since she will be our assistant manager. So with my new promotion, I will take over Natalie's closes. Now we just have to figure out who will be my new line person. People are saying David will be, but he is slow on line and will take some time. We got to get him trained fast in 2 weeks. Thats when all the changes are going to happen here at My Taco Bell.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New Taco Bell Shift Manager

Well, unfortunately my Taco Bell General Manager Jim had to replace the shift manager Karen who was fired yesterday. I still hate the fact she got fired for something so preventable. But, it turned out to be good news for me. Last night my Taco Bell General Manager Jim told me I am the new shift manager. He said he was going to have Mike (the owner) bring up my new shirts today, but its a good snow storm so it might not be today. Well I'm glad I was promoted, and hope all the others that were wanting the promotion won't be upset. But, I'm sure there will be some tension at my Taco Bell, since it's always that way when there's a promotion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Taco Bell Shift Manager Karen Gets Fired

Well, I thought I would post about Taco Bell shift manager Karen. I guess last Thursday she screwed up. Well I was in the back doing the dishes, and there was a like 4 people in the lobby after close visiting Karen and stuff. Well one girl use to work there, and she wanted to order something to eat. Karen let her ring in her order and cash it out, even though she wasnt a Taco Bell employee. Well Taco Bell shift manager Natalie was there off duty and witnessed it. The cash drawer didnt come up short, but it was the principle of the matter. Well Taco Bell shift manager Natalie informed me tonight that tomorrow Jim, our General Manager is going to fire her tomorrow. It sucks big time, I liked Karen. Well good luck Karen, I wish the best for you. Love YAAAAA


Friday, March 18, 2005

I Can't Do Dishes At Taco Bell

Well the topic of this post is very fitting for most employees at Taco Bell. I had the pleasure of coming into work yesterday at 3pm, and to my surprise (actually wasn't a surprise) 1 sink of dishes had been done for the whole day. Now I don't mind this if it's a busy day at Taco Bell. But, I checked labor for the day up to 3pm, it was running at over 30%. I left a very nasty note to the mornng crew calling them flat out lazy for leaving me the dishes. I can't wait for me to go to Taco Bell today and hear their cop-out lazy excuse for not having them done. Should be funny to listen to.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Thanks And Heres A Potato Too

Well this is a old story, but I thought I would add it because its kinda funny. About 2 months ago I decided to throw a potato bite, thats in our cheesy fiesta potatos, at the drive thru guy. I don't recall what Taco Bell employee was working drive at the time. Well lets just say I remember why I wasn't a pitcher in little league. The potato flew past the Taco Bell employee and hit the wall, than richochets off the wall and flies out the drive thru window and hits the guy in the head thats sitting in his car at drive thru. What's the chance of that happening? LOL. Everyone, even the customer had a good laugh. Let's just say there hasn't been anymore potatos thrown at the Taco Bell drive thru guys since then.

Monday, March 14, 2005

A Common Ground At Taco Bell

Well after the Top secret Taco Bell meeting the other employees had about shift manager Natalie, Jim told everyone to cool it. Well that has lasted about all of a week. Things are definately coming to a boiling point at Taco Bell. The worst is, I like everyone there. It would be so easy to take sides on the issues they are having if I hated one of them. But, I don't. I am going to go have a talk with my Taco Bell General Manager Jim tomorrow. I hate seeing the whole crew at each others throats. Everyone is getting written up for things, that I feel are unwarranted. Also just to keep everyone up to speed Natalie has moved in with me as a roommate. Also Taco Bell employee David has started dating Natalie and has moved in too. So you can see how this is going to be a interesting month. Stay tuned for updates about the drama at my Taco Bell.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

My Day Off At Taco Bell?

Well no it isnt my day off. Well it was suppose to be but, a employee cut his hand or hurt it somehow, so I hurried and jumped on that overtime bandwagon. It's only 4 hours anyway. But at almost 11 bucks an hour, I couldnt turn it down. Well time ti get in the shower and get ready for work at Taco Bell. I hope the other side of the drama queens doesnt give me grief today at Taco Bell.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Taco Bell Employees Top Secret Meeting

I was a little reluctant to put this post up, but I'm trying to keep my readers in the loop about my Taco Bell. Well as I haven't posted much these last few days, because actually it's been a tad drama free at my store for the last week. Was getting darn boring. But, my girls didn't fail me when I needed some writing material. Well here goes the gossip. I come into work yesterday, and as the first shifts leaving, I have a Shift Manager tell me that some Taco Bell employees are having a secret meeting about another shift manager. I won't say names, but if you're a regular reader of this blog, you will know who I'm talking about. So anyway, she leaves and all the sudden my shift manager asking what happened last night. I didn't know what she meant. Well she kinda layed into me a bit and I still didn't know what the hell she was talking about. Well she finally told me she knew about the secret meeting that was going on about her. I'm like I just found out 15 minutes ago, not last night. I'm like oh great. I didn't tell her, because I don't like getting in the middle of the crap. I don't mind it happening as long as I am not involved in it in anyway. So my Taco Bell shift manager is pissed and calls the stores General Manager about the meeting the other employees are having about her. Jim, our Taco Bell General Manager has no idea that they were having this meeting about one of his employees behind his back. So, now Jim's pissed, I think, because they did it behind his back. Well that's about it. Girls keeps it pretty entertaining at Taco Bell. I can't wait to see how works like today when i go in at 4:30 tonight. And just for the record, I did not tell anyone about the meeting. She already knew somehow. Don't miss my next post after work tonight. You know I'll have something more about the unfolding drama at my Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Drive Thru in 69 seconds?

Well I put this post up to maybe let people know about the 69 second rule. It is our store policy possibly even Taco Bell corporates policy, but we are suppose to have every drive thru order done and the person out of our drive thru in 69 seconds. It doesnt matter how much food they bought. So here is a plea to customers from me. Please, Please if your ordering enough food to feed your family and half of a 3rd world country, can you please come inside and order it. We actually had smeone order over 60 dollars worth of food in drive thru last night! Thats roughly between 60 and 70 items. We are still suppose to get that out in 69 seconds. Do you see what I'm getting at? Also if your looking for exact change, look for it at the Taco Bell menu board. Nothing sucks more than when someone orders only a soda and spends 80 seconds digging for change at the window and we don't even meet our 69 second goal for a soda. Although this blog is small and no one reads it, I hope maybe just 1 person who comes to Taco Bell in the future will help us out. Well on to the next post.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Taco Bell Pay Raises

Well I didnt mention last night my Taco Bell General Manager Jim told me on the way home last night that I would have another raise on my paycheck. Which would be 2 raises I got in one months time. I'm like cool. I have made myself a pretty good asset at my Taco Bell. I am about the only closer who can work the line. The only other closer who really can is Natalie my Taco Bell shift manager. With my 2 raises thats 80 more dollars a month I make at Taco Bell.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Taco Bell Tuesday

Well I closed with my Taco Bell general manager Jim tonight. He sure can work me. LOL. But, I only have to work a full shift with Jim one night a week. So I dont mind it too much busting my butt for him. Well it was a very slow shift tonight. So Jim decided we needed to clean behind some stuff. But, we managed to pull a bevelis out and smacked the monitor hanging from the ceiling and it fell and broke. LOL. So now we have to break our necks to see the other monitor when making food. Oops. Wonder what else I can break at Taco Bell tomorrow? I hope nothing.