Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm Learning The Deposits Tonight

Well, my first day as a Taco Bell shift manager in charge, also known as the MIC, was suppose to be on Tuesday. But, Natalie, the other shift manager said go ahead run the shift tonight. Well, so for the last 2 nights I have been the MIC. There is another Taco Bell shift manager who use to work that was there when I came in. She seems cool. But, Taco Bell shift manager Natalie has a problem with it. But, she has a problem with about anything and everyone there. She drives me nuts some nights. I like her as a person, but man she just always has something to complain about. She was barking about putting her 2 week notice in tonight. I don't see her being there past the summer. Either she will quit or probably be fired. I dont know which will come first. Now onto the next subject. We are one manager short. We were 2 and i got the first spot, so its narrowed down between 2 employees. One is Taco Bell employee Danyelle and the other is Taco Bell employee Christine. I actually don't have a opinion on who becomes a shift manager. I think that Evon our new Taco Bell General Manager may lean towards Christine, but I'm not sure. If Evon promotes Danyelle, Taco Bell employee David said he will put his 2 week notice in. They don't get David is also dating Taco Bell shift manager Natalie. This could get real interesting in the next few weeks. I might go in at 6 a.m. to help Tom with all the morning stuff. I'm bored and he has a hell of a lot of backups.

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Anonymous said...

I think that maybe this Taco Bell Shift Manager Natalie has been fed up with her job, and that she needs to find something better. Working fast food is a very hard thing to do constantly. The turnover rate is very high, and learning to work with a bunch of people you don't know can be extremely strenuous on your will to work and do a good job. Compensation for someone else's stupidity is something that a manager has to face constantly; not just in fast food. The general manager should put a stop to things like that, but it rarely gets taken care of in the appropriate manner when it comes to fast food. That kind of constant pressure can lead many people to insanity; maybe even to doing unspeakable things to people that have caused so many problems. I wish the best of luck to all of the managers at Taco Bell!