Friday, March 25, 2005

Taco Bell Employee Michael

Well, I talked to my Taco Bell General Manager Jim, and talked him into hiring Michael. He hired Michael really without an interview, on my word he would be a good employee. I trained Michael on how to do backups his first day. Jim said he wants him trained on that before being trained on a cash register. Jim told me I'm the best backup person they have, so he wanted me to train him on that. I think he will have Taco Bell employee David train him on the cash register. Taco Bell shift manager Natalie will be leaving the closing shifts and going to days, since she will be our assistant manager. So with my new promotion, I will take over Natalie's closes. Now we just have to figure out who will be my new line person. People are saying David will be, but he is slow on line and will take some time. We got to get him trained fast in 2 weeks. Thats when all the changes are going to happen here at My Taco Bell.

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