Saturday, March 26, 2005

My First Shift As A Taco Bell Manager In Charge

I will be getting my first (MIC) shift on Tuesday. I think I will have it all down by then. Thankfully Taco Bell shift manager Natalie will be there until 10pm. So, if I have any questions, she will be there to help. Now speaking of Taco Bell shift manager Natalie. There are some things she needs to do. She is getting way out of control on her complaining. Some manager from another store is coming up here, and like the girl hasnt even transfered here yet and Natalie's already complaining about it. Saying she is going to quit. I'm like Natalie,that attitude is the reason why you probably are going to lose the assistant manager position. Every shift she complains and moans about something that is totally stupid. Like who cares if some managers coming to the store. Why complain? She talks about the new manager as going to be drama, I was thinking you're starting drama about her and SHE ISN'T EVEN HERE YET! Hopefully things will calm down at my Taco Bell soon.

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Anonymous said...

I work at a taco bell and my district manager is stupid
She was going to promote me to a shift manager but now is not cause she dosent like my attitude. I give 110 percent all the time and they give nothIng back.