Saturday, April 30, 2005

Friday Night Hell At Taco Bell

Today at Taco Bell was just awful. My gosh! Every redneck hillbilly in Pollock Pines must have wanted Taco Bell tonight. We had waits that were unreal. So listen up rednecks. Quit coming all at the same time dammit! You hicks come and order 30 or 40 items in drive-thru and the poor sap behind you has to wait 15 minutes for the 2 tacos he ordered. You people made me hate my job today. If you are ordering alot of stuff come INSIDE!!! We are timed in drive thru and we have only 69 seconds. Think of others you hicks. Well as you can tell was a crappy night at Taco Bell.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Taco Bell Audit

Well we got audited today at my Taco Bell. What is a audit? It is when the corporate Taco Bell goes around to franchised Taco Bells and makes sure they are performing to Taco Bells standards. They audited the store before my shift today. We got a 80%. That is a low score Iguess for audits. They had our new General Manager Evon working and a few other people. I can't believe she didn't call me in to help. Oh well at least the store got its audit over with. My shift went smooth tonight. Except not one drawer was counted for the whole day. So I counted all the drawers and had like a $1,800 dollar deposit. Well it's 4:30 a.m. and I have to work today at 3 p.m. Today will be a good day I'm sure at Taco Bell.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Taco Bell Shift Manager Natalie Goes Crazy

Well let me catch you all up to speed since I took some time off from posting about Taco Bell. Well I got Michael a friend of mine a job at Taco Bell. Well Michael called me to pick him up after his shift. Well when I walk into Taco Bell the place is a disaster area. Natalie purposely made it a mess. She also covered the cameras and stuffed tortilla shells into the drains on the floor. Well I left with Mike and came home and immediately called Evon and told her to get her ass to the store. I than ran out the door and headed back to the restaraunt. David, Natalie's boyfriend was there and had just gotten off work, I told him he had to leave the building and told Natalie I had called Evon. Well Natalie beat feet out of the door and left. Come to find out she sprayed degreaser all over every dish in Taco Bell. It took us 2 days to clean all of them. But we got it done and like I have to say it, but that was Natalie's last day working for Taco Bell. A lame, jackass way to leave a job. David is still working at Taco Bell, but I don't think it will be for too much longer. But there is a rumor Evon told Natalie in a few months she might call her back. That's a unconfirmed rumor. Natalie isn't allowed in the restraunt per Evon's order, so I can't think she would want her back.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Alot Of Changes At Taco Bell

I am sorry for not making a post for some time now about my Taco Bell. I just been doing alot online and crap. Well man, theres been alot of stuff that went on at work since my last post. I will talk about them in posts after this one. Just wanted to let people know I will not keep you out of the loop on whats going on at my Taco Bell.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Taco Bell Blog

Well I titled this Taco Bell Blog because I'm trying torank for that term on yahoo. This should help me since i mentioned Taco Bell Blog now a few times in this post