Sunday, February 27, 2005

Taco Bell's Super Employee

WEll I thought I would find something to annoy some felow co-workers with, without getting in trouble. So I came up with my Taco Bell Super Employee. I run around to someone I want to annoy and be like hey guess what, I'm a super-employee. LOL! I also call some of the other guys like Kyle a super employee so now he is running around saying whats up super employee james. It is a riot. My Taco Bell shift manager Natalie is totally annoyed by it. She just says shut up you ass. HaHa. Well there hasnt been too much drama this week at work. But, I do have two days off in a row, and I'm sure by the time I get back to Taco Bell on Tuesday I might hear some new news. Who knows whats coming next at Taco Bell.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Taco Bell Drive Thru

Well I thought I would make a post about our Taco Bell Drive Thru employee David. David is our regular drive thru guy. He prefers drive thru over any other position at the store. He probably has one of the best drive thru voices you can imagine when you come to a drive thru. He doesnt like to do the front cash and he doesnt work the line. He does clean our floors for us before he goes, which is a big help. After doing dishes for a few hours doing the floors just sucks. Glad he is there. I prefer him over most of the other cashiers that close. Well thats all for today. I have to go to work in 4 hours. Hopefully the DISHES will be done when I get there today. Yesterday was a mess at my Taco Bell.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Taco Bell Closing

Well I figured I would make a post about our close last night at Taco Bell. Well we got out of there on our scheduled time, but it was a strange night indeed. For one, as I was washing our guacamole gun, I broke the damn thing. No bi deal really, but we are going to be audited any day now and I was like crap, no gun and auditors will probably show up tomorrow. Well that was not all that happened at Taco Bell. We have a buzzer on our door so we can hear if someone comes in the store. Well around 11:15 last night the buzzer goes off. I'm doing the dishes, so as I walk around the corner to the front of the store to see who just came in, I see a guy going out of the store and setting our mop sign outside the store. He starts to come back in when I confront him. Well I pretty much was like, "what the fuck you doing in here"? "Get the fuck out of here punk"! Well anyway, some dumb little teenage punk was stealing our mop sign, he must have thought the store was empty. Well that was our excitement at our Taco Bell store last night. I have to be to work in 3 hours, I hope we don't get audited tonight. It will be a busy Friday night and I don't need a damn auditor up my ass the whole night at Taco Bell.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Taco Bell Pay Day

Well today is pay day at Taco Bell. Thank god since I spent my last money on cigarettes yesterday. Right now there is still some drama at Taco Bell, even after our meeting. Actually this Taco Bell Blog stirred up a little drama with my Taco Bell shift manager Natalie. She was a little upset about some previous posts. I will state things now on this post. One I was warned not to put anything controversial on this site. My commetn on that is this. I will not compromise my idea for this blog, nor will it be edited, or posts deleted because a Taco Bell employee does not like what they read. My advice for this is, just dont come and read this blog if you dont want the raw truth. Now, as far as posts go. It is how I feel for that day, or maybe even that week about work at Taco Bell. What I say about work related stuff does not mean it is how I see someone as a person. I do like Natalie. She is fun, and if I can ever get her to go out to a bar, I think we would have a blast. But, right now she has a boyfriend, named James. James is cool with me. So I dont want to get them fighting, since it seems they are going through some rough times right now. Well anyway. I added a RSS feed to my site today. Very excited about that. Hopefully within a year this blog will pay off. Well its 6:15am and the banks open in 2 hours. I think I'll go shower right now and go head to Taco Bell and hang out for a bit and grab my check.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Two Days Off At Taco Bell

Well my Taco Bell General Manager Jim was cool, and gave me two days off in a row. It is nice. I can spend the time working on all my websites. I try to make money off of these but it is just change right now. Hopefully I will get enough traffic to my sites to where I can quit working, and devote all my time to my sites and make more of them. There just isn't enough time in the day with work to do them all. I stopped in Taco Bell today to grab a soda on the way home. They looked like they were having a busy day today at Taco Bell.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Taco Bell's Quote Of The Day

Let me first explain what Taco Bell's quote of the day is. We have a board at work and some employee can write the quote of the day on it. Well we had some Taco Bell drama over yesterdays quote of the day. To make the story short, I made the quote bang bang bang bang! Well our little virgin horn ball Kyle wanted a illustrated version of the quote of the day. Well our Taco Bell shift manager Natalie decided to draw Kyle a picture of a naked woman. Well I told her to make sure it was erased before we left. Well she forgot and the opening shift manager was very upset from the picture. Well I came into work and heard people were a lot upset about the picture. I'm glad I didn't draw it. LOL! Well I am not getting close to the Taco Bell quote of the day board for awhile.

A Kick Ass Taco Bell Close

I just wanted to talk more about my Taco Bell Tuesday post I made. I wanted to elaborate on Natalie's meaning of constructive criticism. I'm sorry, but doing dishes in the middle of dinner rush and trying to show off to everyone like she is so much better than everyone else is a sham. I pace myself to Natalie's closes. But, I'm going to start showing her up. Enough Mr. nice guy. Time to start making some kick ass Taco Bell closes. I can close my part of Taco Bell in 45 minutes. Hope Natalie doesn't read my site anytime soon. I don't want to offend her. I am not hating her. She is a awesome person. I just don't think she has had much management experience. She doesn't know how to talk to a crew sometimes. Like last night. After our dinner rush, we all started talking to each other. Natalie says, with an attitude, why is everyone standing around. I wanted to say, because we just were busting our butts through a dinner rush while some people stayed in the back and did dishes, and were unwinding a bit. But I'm not the only one who can't take constructive criticism either at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Tuesday

Well I worked on Tuesday night closing shift. Was a pretty good crew, Natalie(the shift manager), Kyle, David, and I. We tried hard to focus on drive-thru times last night at Taco Bell. We did better than usual I think. I asked Natalie why my boss had not made me a Taco Bell shift manager yet. To my surprise, she gave me some reasons. She says I need to take constructive criticism. I'm like okay. Me and Natalie traded closing duties last night. I ended up cleaning her hood fan that the Taco Bell General Manager asked her to get done last night. She had Kyle start it but we got busy then. Well anyway, she actually went and did dishes during dinner rush because, we had a extra person there. Than after she called me to the sink and showed me no dishes after the rush, and said "see this is how the sink area is suppose to look". I'm like well "I don't have the luxury of doing it during a dinner rush, because I'm always online". Which is true. I make most of the food at Taco Bell. I doing the steaming. She just sounded like a ass because she knows I cant leave the line and go do dishes like she did until later in the night when it is slow. It was just retarded. I ended up beating her close last night. Even though I don't ever close the line I closed it, cleaned her hood fan and just nit picked around to find stuff to do, so she didn't feel like I was faster than her closing. Well thank god I get a little change and get to close with Taco Bell shift manager Karen tonight. Karen's fun to work with, she doesn't have a power tripping broom stick up her ass, like some Taco Bell shift managers who are bucking for assistant manager.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Taco Bell Closes

I just finished closing shift tonight at Taco Bell with my General Manager Jim. I like closing on Tuesdays with him, it lets me have work time with my boss, and lets him see if I'm improving at all as a Taco Bell employee. Well things went well tonight. We had the store closed in an hour and 15 minutes. I almost asked him tonight whats stopping me from becoming a Taco Bell shift manager on my ride home tonight. But, I was like, I'm not going to pressure him about it. He has enough pressures coming from the girls. So I will just wait and see if he thinks i deserve to be a Taco Bell shift manager.

Monday, February 14, 2005

My Day Off At Taco Bell

Well today was my day off work at Taco Bell. But, I ended up going in for 3 hours anyway. Taco Bell employee Christine called in today so I went in for a few hours. I knew she was going to call into work today, because she told me last night. So I called my Taco Bell General Manager Jim around noon and asked him if Christine had called in. He was like yeah wanna come in at 4. I'm like sure. Was a easy, short shift at Taco Bell tonight. Jim did confirm the rumor he was leaving, kinda. He said it will be a few months before he goes.

A New Taco Bell General Manager?

Well the rumor mill was churning hard at work yesterday. The word is out among a select few employees that our General Manager Jim is leaving. I guess there have been a few firings at other Taco Bell stores and so Jim may transfer. Well that's just good news to the two Taco Bell shift managers that are wanting to be promoted. I have a feeling that more drama could be right around the corner at my Taco Bell.

The Taco Bell Store Meeting Continued

Well we had our Taco Bell meeting Saturday. It was a decent meeting. A lot of not really paying attention to the General Manager in my opinion. But he tried and I tried to add a few comments in to help but I think most just took my comments at the Taco Bell meeting like a grain of salt. I heard a comment by my General Manager, and I'll make it the topic of the next post. I don't have to work at Taco Bell today, so hopefully I can get some of my other websites done today.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Taco Bell Meeting Concluded

Well we had our Taco Bell meeting today and everything went pretty good. No big arguments, so now if there are still problems with employees its discipline time. Well I'm exhausted and got 5 hours sleep and got to go to work. Well til next time. Hopefully it will be a good day at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Store Meeting

Our Taco Bell store here in Pollock Pines, is having a store meeting this morning at 7am. It's A mandatory store meeting for all the Taco Bell employees. I had to close the store last night, so I decided to just stay up all night. I didn't get out of the store til midnight, so instead of going to bed and possibly missing the meeting, I decided to stay awake. I also have to work tonight as well. I should get 2 hours overtime for the day, which is nice. Well I hope all the drama and just overall crappiness that has been lingering over us gets settled today. This should be a funny meeting if Evon and Natalie(both shift managers wanting to be the assistant) start arguing over their petty differences. I don't think it will happen but it could be entertaining. LOL. Well I'll make a short post after the meeting to let you guys know how it went at out Taco Bell meeting.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday At Taco Bell

Well I'm about to go into work today. I hope there wont be any surprises when I get there, like someone called in. This store isn't that bad about call-ins. But it is winter, we'll see how it is in the summer time when people wanna get out and do things. Well off to work, I'll let everyone know how the day goes when I get back home tonight.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Taco Bell Shift Manager Is Crazy

I could not believe, my Taco Bell shift manager was going to let our cashier leave for an hour today at 5pm. Right before our dinner rush. I was hell no! How are we going to deal with a dinner rush with no front cashier? Was crazy, I had to yell about it to her and the employee. It got heated a bit, but I ended up getting my way. I was not going to try and go through a rush without a front cashier. the cashier went home at 7 anyway and we still were getting hit. Was not a good day today at Taco Bell.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Taco Bell Employee (Jim)

Well this is a introduction to Taco Bell employee Jim. Jim Is our Restaurant General Manager. The big cheese at work. LOL. Jim is easy to get along with. Cool guy, but he is the General Manager of our Taco Bell, and has a job to do. I think a lot of employees at work forget that its his ass if the store looks like garbage when the owner comes in. I'm not going to post anymore about employees, I'm going to start with my everyday at Taco Bell.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Taco Bell Employee (Brandon)

Well this will probably be the only post about Taco Bell employee Brandon. Brandon has quit Taco Bell, but he is worth a post. I have only been working at Taco Bell for about two months and Brandon was there when I started. He was one of the closers, and was just a awsome employee. He was fun, got along with everyone, did his job, and was just overall a nice guy. I might buy his car off of him when I get my income tax return. Brandon moved to another town trying to find his place in life. I wish him the best. We have a freezer in our restraunt the size of a coffin that stands vertical. Someone wrote, "This will be forever be Brandons office." LOL. He will be missed, I hope he does well with his life choices, he deserves it.

Taco Bell Employee (Natalie)

Well this will be a introduction to Taco Bell employee Natalie. She is a Taco Bell shift manager. I work five nights a week with Natalie. She is my favorite shift manager. I'm sure I am bias just because I work with her five nights a week. She is one of the shift managers up for Taco Bell assistant manager. My General Manager Jim has not mentioned who or when he might promote someone. The other shift manger up for the assistant spot is Evon. Well good luck to both of them, I hope whoever isn't chose doesnt become upset. We have a Taco Bell store meeting on the 12th of February. We might find something out then. I'll post more about Natalie in other posts after i get all the employees posted at least once.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Taco Bell Employee (Karen)

Well this is a introduction to Taco Bell employee Karen. She is one of the Taco Bell shift managers. She has been working for Taco Bell for about six years. She is a really laid back manager, who is easy to get along with. She is helping me with my Book I have to finish to be certified. We worked on it a little tonight even. Well thanks for the help tonight Karen, and for drying my book off. LOL. She makes working at Taco Bell fun.