Thursday, February 17, 2005

Taco Bell's Quote Of The Day

Let me first explain what Taco Bell's quote of the day is. We have a board at work and some employee can write the quote of the day on it. Well we had some Taco Bell drama over yesterdays quote of the day. To make the story short, I made the quote bang bang bang bang! Well our little virgin horn ball Kyle wanted a illustrated version of the quote of the day. Well our Taco Bell shift manager Natalie decided to draw Kyle a picture of a naked woman. Well I told her to make sure it was erased before we left. Well she forgot and the opening shift manager was very upset from the picture. Well I came into work and heard people were a lot upset about the picture. I'm glad I didn't draw it. LOL! Well I am not getting close to the Taco Bell quote of the day board for awhile.

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