Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Taco Bell Employee (Brandon)

Well this will probably be the only post about Taco Bell employee Brandon. Brandon has quit Taco Bell, but he is worth a post. I have only been working at Taco Bell for about two months and Brandon was there when I started. He was one of the closers, and was just a awsome employee. He was fun, got along with everyone, did his job, and was just overall a nice guy. I might buy his car off of him when I get my income tax return. Brandon moved to another town trying to find his place in life. I wish him the best. We have a freezer in our restraunt the size of a coffin that stands vertical. Someone wrote, "This will be forever be Brandons office." LOL. He will be missed, I hope he does well with his life choices, he deserves it.

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