Saturday, November 26, 2005

intro/ taco bell muzak

hey cool blog, 23 y/o male and taco bell fanatic from the chicago area. Anyway i used to work at a taco bell back in my high school days and i just wanted to let you know (which you may or may not already know) that"Hitline" - the Muzak station that is played in all taco bell locations is now available on channel #923 on dish network. i just thought this was so cool as i always loved the piped-in satellite music that is played at taco bell....

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Taco Bell Blog Hits #1

Congrats to my new Taco Bell Bloggers. We have hit the #1 spot for the term taco bell on, outranking pic provided. Well I don't know what to msn tommorow GOOGLE!!! Keep up the good work my fellow Taco Bellers. And just so everyone knows if you work for a taco bell and would like to join out blog as a member and posts your experiences feel free to drop me a line. Emails at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Taco Bell On Thanksgiving

Well from all us Taco Bell Bloggers Happy Turkey Day, and especially to those having to slop those tacos today. Keep it up. Run For The border baby!!

Feliz Thanksgiving!

Feliz Thanksgiving!

-Sus amigos en Taco Bell Blog

(thanks Babel Fish translation!...unless that is really crappy spanish...I'm german, remember?)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Taco Bell Blog Signs My Sloth Died

Taco Bell Blog, located at the site you are looking at now, recently acquired 17 year old Phil, known as My Sloth Died to himself, who lives in Germany, yes, Germany. He will soon be working at Taco Bell, if he passes through the fall training camp (which will be documented EXCLUSIVELY on this site, stay tuned). The 5'10" rookie has no fast food experience, but he has one thing other food service employees lack: hustle.

Why did he decide to join the Taco Bell Team? "I grew up in front of the t.v., and found a hero in the talking chihuahua. I ran to my parents, and exclaimed 'one day, I'm going to work at taco bell!' My parents merely dismissed this as usual extravagent ideas that children often form, but here I am. I wish I could see everyone's stunned faces when they realize I'm the one dishing up those sweet soft tacos."

"Also, the $8.50 an hour is a nice bonus," My Sloth Died added.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Taco John for Taco Bell

Just to let you all know, I will be lending a hand to update you all about my adventures at work/Taco Bell.

First I'll give you a little detail about me, My name is John, I work for the Taco Bell in Katy Texas (it is right outside of Houston). My shifts is to close thus I'm labeled a 'Closer' and it is a very pesky thing to do, thats why us closers get paid more then cashiers (hah). I'm 19 years old and of course a guy (Has there ever been a female named John before? I'll have to search that somtime). Any questions just feel free to ask/comment, it is time to get this blog going again.

Over the next few days I will let you all know my usual routine on how we close, the low-down on our soon to release new item(and my terrible score on making it), a brief review of my co-workers, and of course a few insane and crazy stories that I promise are true. Till then later!!