Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Taco Bell Blog Signs My Sloth Died

Taco Bell Blog, located at the site you are looking at now, recently acquired 17 year old Phil, known as My Sloth Died to himself, who lives in Germany, yes, Germany. He will soon be working at Taco Bell, if he passes through the fall training camp (which will be documented EXCLUSIVELY on this site, stay tuned). The 5'10" rookie has no fast food experience, but he has one thing other food service employees lack: hustle.

Why did he decide to join the Taco Bell Team? "I grew up in front of the t.v., and found a hero in the talking chihuahua. I ran to my parents, and exclaimed 'one day, I'm going to work at taco bell!' My parents merely dismissed this as usual extravagent ideas that children often form, but here I am. I wish I could see everyone's stunned faces when they realize I'm the one dishing up those sweet soft tacos."

"Also, the $8.50 an hour is a nice bonus," My Sloth Died added.

1 comment:

James said...

Welcome aboard super taco bell employee phil. I'm sure you will have a blast at Taco Bell. Keep us informed on your super training.