Saturday, February 12, 2005

Taco Bell Store Meeting

Our Taco Bell store here in Pollock Pines, is having a store meeting this morning at 7am. It's A mandatory store meeting for all the Taco Bell employees. I had to close the store last night, so I decided to just stay up all night. I didn't get out of the store til midnight, so instead of going to bed and possibly missing the meeting, I decided to stay awake. I also have to work tonight as well. I should get 2 hours overtime for the day, which is nice. Well I hope all the drama and just overall crappiness that has been lingering over us gets settled today. This should be a funny meeting if Evon and Natalie(both shift managers wanting to be the assistant) start arguing over their petty differences. I don't think it will happen but it could be entertaining. LOL. Well I'll make a short post after the meeting to let you guys know how it went at out Taco Bell meeting.

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