Thursday, February 17, 2005

Taco Bell Tuesday

Well I worked on Tuesday night closing shift. Was a pretty good crew, Natalie(the shift manager), Kyle, David, and I. We tried hard to focus on drive-thru times last night at Taco Bell. We did better than usual I think. I asked Natalie why my boss had not made me a Taco Bell shift manager yet. To my surprise, she gave me some reasons. She says I need to take constructive criticism. I'm like okay. Me and Natalie traded closing duties last night. I ended up cleaning her hood fan that the Taco Bell General Manager asked her to get done last night. She had Kyle start it but we got busy then. Well anyway, she actually went and did dishes during dinner rush because, we had a extra person there. Than after she called me to the sink and showed me no dishes after the rush, and said "see this is how the sink area is suppose to look". I'm like well "I don't have the luxury of doing it during a dinner rush, because I'm always online". Which is true. I make most of the food at Taco Bell. I doing the steaming. She just sounded like a ass because she knows I cant leave the line and go do dishes like she did until later in the night when it is slow. It was just retarded. I ended up beating her close last night. Even though I don't ever close the line I closed it, cleaned her hood fan and just nit picked around to find stuff to do, so she didn't feel like I was faster than her closing. Well thank god I get a little change and get to close with Taco Bell shift manager Karen tonight. Karen's fun to work with, she doesn't have a power tripping broom stick up her ass, like some Taco Bell shift managers who are bucking for assistant manager.

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