Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Taco Bell Pay Day

Well today is pay day at Taco Bell. Thank god since I spent my last money on cigarettes yesterday. Right now there is still some drama at Taco Bell, even after our meeting. Actually this Taco Bell Blog stirred up a little drama with my Taco Bell shift manager Natalie. She was a little upset about some previous posts. I will state things now on this post. One I was warned not to put anything controversial on this site. My commetn on that is this. I will not compromise my idea for this blog, nor will it be edited, or posts deleted because a Taco Bell employee does not like what they read. My advice for this is, just dont come and read this blog if you dont want the raw truth. Now, as far as posts go. It is how I feel for that day, or maybe even that week about work at Taco Bell. What I say about work related stuff does not mean it is how I see someone as a person. I do like Natalie. She is fun, and if I can ever get her to go out to a bar, I think we would have a blast. But, right now she has a boyfriend, named James. James is cool with me. So I dont want to get them fighting, since it seems they are going through some rough times right now. Well anyway. I added a RSS feed to my site today. Very excited about that. Hopefully within a year this blog will pay off. Well its 6:15am and the banks open in 2 hours. I think I'll go shower right now and go head to Taco Bell and hang out for a bit and grab my check.

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