Friday, February 25, 2005

Taco Bell Closing

Well I figured I would make a post about our close last night at Taco Bell. Well we got out of there on our scheduled time, but it was a strange night indeed. For one, as I was washing our guacamole gun, I broke the damn thing. No bi deal really, but we are going to be audited any day now and I was like crap, no gun and auditors will probably show up tomorrow. Well that was not all that happened at Taco Bell. We have a buzzer on our door so we can hear if someone comes in the store. Well around 11:15 last night the buzzer goes off. I'm doing the dishes, so as I walk around the corner to the front of the store to see who just came in, I see a guy going out of the store and setting our mop sign outside the store. He starts to come back in when I confront him. Well I pretty much was like, "what the fuck you doing in here"? "Get the fuck out of here punk"! Well anyway, some dumb little teenage punk was stealing our mop sign, he must have thought the store was empty. Well that was our excitement at our Taco Bell store last night. I have to be to work in 3 hours, I hope we don't get audited tonight. It will be a busy Friday night and I don't need a damn auditor up my ass the whole night at Taco Bell.

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