Sunday, April 10, 2005

Taco Bell Shift Manager Natalie Goes Crazy

Well let me catch you all up to speed since I took some time off from posting about Taco Bell. Well I got Michael a friend of mine a job at Taco Bell. Well Michael called me to pick him up after his shift. Well when I walk into Taco Bell the place is a disaster area. Natalie purposely made it a mess. She also covered the cameras and stuffed tortilla shells into the drains on the floor. Well I left with Mike and came home and immediately called Evon and told her to get her ass to the store. I than ran out the door and headed back to the restaraunt. David, Natalie's boyfriend was there and had just gotten off work, I told him he had to leave the building and told Natalie I had called Evon. Well Natalie beat feet out of the door and left. Come to find out she sprayed degreaser all over every dish in Taco Bell. It took us 2 days to clean all of them. But we got it done and like I have to say it, but that was Natalie's last day working for Taco Bell. A lame, jackass way to leave a job. David is still working at Taco Bell, but I don't think it will be for too much longer. But there is a rumor Evon told Natalie in a few months she might call her back. That's a unconfirmed rumor. Natalie isn't allowed in the restraunt per Evon's order, so I can't think she would want her back.

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Blog Party said...

My first job was at Taco Bell and it sucked.