Saturday, April 30, 2005

Friday Night Hell At Taco Bell

Today at Taco Bell was just awful. My gosh! Every redneck hillbilly in Pollock Pines must have wanted Taco Bell tonight. We had waits that were unreal. So listen up rednecks. Quit coming all at the same time dammit! You hicks come and order 30 or 40 items in drive-thru and the poor sap behind you has to wait 15 minutes for the 2 tacos he ordered. You people made me hate my job today. If you are ordering alot of stuff come INSIDE!!! We are timed in drive thru and we have only 69 seconds. Think of others you hicks. Well as you can tell was a crappy night at Taco Bell.


suzanne said...

my name is suzanne and i work at taco bell in edmond ok ill tell you the gm tammy is the laziest person i have ever met and if you tell her something is wrong with one of the employees attitudes then she really doesnt care and has an attitude like if i didnt see it then i will never be sure. stuiped. and shes only been to work like 2 days in the last 3 months i hate my job

james said...


would you like to be a part of the taco bell blog? if so email me. my email address is at the bottom of the blog where it says webmaster.