Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Idea for The Taco Bell Blog

Are you a employee of taco bell and would like to contribute to this blog. Put your two sense in as well. And what the hell, you a customer that wants to be heard. Well email me and Request a post. Preferably give me a time that is good for you to post as I will only give you access to the blog for 15 minutes. If you need longer please add it in your request email. My email is . Well I hope some Taco Bell peeps join on in. This could get fun.


Think Outside The Blog said...

I think you've got a real idea there. I'd be happy to guest blog as one of the top three superfans in the world (you and superfreak are the other two)

Let me know when you want to get it on.


ps: when do you think you'll be posting that link to my site we spoke about. Me and the superfreak are already hooked up.

Think Outside The Blog said...

hey man, my e-mail is

i haven't done the adsense think yet cause i don't think my numbers are as high as yours. a link from your site might change all that.

you got my e-mail dawg. let me know what i have to do next.

Catullus said...
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