Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Dates Of The Taco Bell Posts

The dates of the posts are above the ads above the post. Well I hope that answered your question about my taco bell blog.


eminemloverslim said...

Hello! I found your blog on an msn search I was doing. It's interesting. I'm just doing some research. Right. Well, I'll get going then. ~Eminemloverslim

Mark said...

Howdy.... Dude your my idol!!!! LOL I have worked for Taco Hell 5 years now I am at Taco Bell in Hilo, Hawaii found your page when I was lookin for stuff to use at a Party we are going to be having at Work.... Anyways... yea I agree with your blogs lol :) Funny shit... you can either catch me at a messenger at Yahoo: pahoaboi Email MSN: or AIM: pahoawhiteguy or you can check out my MYSPACE page... ight well hope to hear from you be fun to hear horror stories from another tacobell :) K till then im outtie... Mark

Anonymous said...

nice james great chatting u on