Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Great Taco Bell Robbery

Well although this isnt a recent event at Taco Bell,I thought I would tell you the story anyway. Well I was working the typical close like usual. This was back when psychotic Taco Bell shift manager Natalie was still working for Taco Bell. Well all was quiet the lobby and drive thru-s were closed, no lights on in lobby or outside. Well I see Natalie go into the office to count the days deposit. Than I hear the buzzer going off letting me know someone came into the restraunt. Well I was in the dish area and thought it was a off duty Taco Bell Employee comin in to say hi and maybe a quick Pepsi. By the time I get to the front i look and see this guy walking out the door now,not with cash or a register drawer, no he went for the big bucks, yes the Mop sign. But he placed it on the side of the building and came back in Taco Bell. I than seen it was a little punk. I was like wtf you doin punk. Get the fuck out of hear before i beat your f*cking ass b*tch. The kid left the store in a very fast fashion and all was well. Another super close by Super Employee James at Taco Bell


Anonymous said...

you are a jack ass

Anonymous said...

I are a jack ass!

Anonymous said...

You are a dickbag. And stop hanging out at my Jack-In-The-Box. We've told repeatedly that we don't have wifi, you turd.