Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm back...what do you mean finally?

Sorry that i haven't posted a month...I HAVE AN EXCUSE! I WORK AT TACO BELL!!
To give you an idea of the current situation, after my first week of work, i was already working 43 hours a week, due to vacationing workers and quitting managers. Having worked at TB for one month now, i consider myself an MF'er: a master fryer. I can make them hard shell tacos like Kobe makes jump shots: kapow! Thats 8 more tacos, bitches! I clocked myself at around 130 tph, that's tacos per hour. Per hour, i say. While staring into my fry station, I realized that i make 130 tacos, which along with meat and lettuce and cheese will net $1.07. Now, I make $9.15/ hour, and minus expenses for meat and veggies, those 130 tacos probably bring in around $100. What am I getting at? Nothing, just saying is all...Also, one thing I learned was that if somebody's order is $6.07, and they give you $20, the change isn't $14.10. PAYDAY TOMORROW!! HUZZAH!!

On a side note, we need more of the enlightened border jumpers. I was gone for a month, and nothing all...WE MUST SPREAD THE GOSPEL! JOIN TBB!


tacoscrewed said...

you think your taco bell sucks, well you should work at mine $.49 hard taco sundays. i swear envery poor person for 50 miles comes to get at least 20 of them. its like what u cant spend a couple extra dollars for a home cooked meal. i really hate customers. and let me tell u if by mistake we accidentally ring them up at full cost,even 1 they come back up for that $.30 refind.

Anonymous said...

Is it a good idea to work full time while going to school full time too ?