Sunday, January 16, 2005

Taco Bell Customers

Taco Bell Customers leave your comments, complaints here. Did you have a great Taco Bell experience? Was it bad? Anything really funny happen to you at Taco Bell? Any major complaints you want addressed you can leave here. If theres anything that can be done at my store, any good suggestions I can take to my Restaraunt General Manager I'll sure pass it along.


ceci said...

Today I ate at Taco Bell in Livermore CA, on Las Positas blvd.
I ordered a taco and a kids meal with bean burrito and nachos for my 4 year old boy. Well, my little boy burned his mouth, and fingers with the hot cheese. Someone must have heated it too much. I checked it, and it was hot. The people around me heard my little boy scream.I felt really bad. I normally dont have to check the kids meals, but I guess I will have to from now on.I should have made a big deal about this but didnt. I told someone who worked there what happend and she just said sorry, and I asked for the manager and she said she was busy in the back. Well my son is ok, and thats what matters. I just hope that this doesn't happen to some little kid again.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I order a crunchwrap supreme without meat, it always comes with beans:( . It makes for a very gross crunchwrap. I have no idea why, but the beans just seem out of place in it. Anyways, one day I went to a new location and decided to order it without beans or meat, and the person said that it doesn't come with beans. I thought to myself, "I agree! Finally, a location that understands." So the next time I go to order at this location, I just order the crunchwrap without meat, and lo and behold: beans in my crunchwrap. A message to the workers: just because I don't want meat doesn't mean that I want beans!