Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Taco Bell

Well has it been a crazy last 2 days at Taco Bell. During a recent winter rush of people coming home from Lake Tahoe, Nevada it went total drama at Taco Bell. First off, it was my day off of work and they called me in to work a 4 to 9 shift. Well I get there and they tell me im working CS today. Which is front cashier, which I had never done before, I've only worked line. I am still new, I've only been working at Taco Bell for like 3 weeks. Well, lucky me we got slammed big time. Than right in the middle of the slam, this shift manager(Bryan), decided to get pissed off and, stops working line and clocks out and leaves,and quits just like that. This was the guy who was going to be the new assistant manager too. Well he quit right than and there. Well I ended up working a 4 to 10:30 shift that night.Taco Bell was definately not my favorite place that day.

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