Monday, January 31, 2005

Taco Bell Employee (Nick)

I will talk about each employee seperately. I started with Nick(crew member), because I promised him I would put something up about him tonight. I let most the staff know at work about this website. Well anyway, Nick is a crew member who has worked at Taco Bell for about 8 months. He's is seventeen years old, I didnt ask, but I suspect this is his first job. Hats off to Nick, not too many young men his age stay at fast food places like Taco Bell very long. Well Nick isnt into the drama of late thats been going around work. He told me I hate drama, I just come here to make money. Anyway, Nick is wanting to become a shift manager, since we had the one shift maneger walk out a few weeks ago. From what I'm told there are three people in contention for shift manager. Me, Nick, and a girl named Christine. I will talk more about Nick and his work at Taco Bell in future posts. This is just A introduction to Taco Bell employee Nick.

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