Saturday, January 29, 2005

Taco Bell Management

Well ok, I will explain the drama from my previous post. Well my restraunt General Manager(Jim) is a cool boss. He does not have a restraunt manager, so he is going to have to decide soon who he wants out of the crew to be the RM. Well theres a shift manager Natalie, who is wanting the job bad. Well if you ever worked in a fast food enviroment, you know what comes next. Anyway, we have shift managers at each others throats, really its kinda like all the shift managers and a new employee are all ganging up on Natalie, hoping to, I dont know, get her in trouble with Jim. And, lucky me Natalie is the closing manager and guess who is the closing employee. Yep me. So I'm getting drawn into the drama as well, just because I work 5 nights a week at Taco Bell with Natalie. Well this weeks complaining is labor. I admit I clocked in alittle early to get some extra time, but after I got to work today I told Evan(another shift manager) that I wasnt staying late at work on purpose, it just took me that long to close. I told her I would not clock in early anymore because I dont want to get in trouble. I really wanted to let her know, dont draw me into the manager fighting between Natalie and the others, just because i work her shift. I will address each manager in seperate posts. What a week at Taco Bell.

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